Q: What is GiveCamp?

A: Give Camp is a growing nationwide movement that brings the software development community together with various charities and non-profits. Over the course of a single weekend, software projects are taken from idea to final product in production!

Q: What is AZGiveCamp?

A: In Arizona, AZGiveCamp is the local counterpart to the national organization.

Q: When is AZGiveCamp?

A: Check the events page for the most recent information.

The first AZGiveCamp was held on the weekend of May 21st, 2010 at the Chandler Community Center in Chandler, AZ.  Since then, AZGiveCamp events have been held annually in various places around the Valley of the Sun.

Q: What happens at AZGiveCamp?

A: During the weekend event, volunteer software development professionals partner up with an individual non-profit or charity. Based on a pre-screened proposal, the development teams do whatever it takes to get to a finished product by Sunday afternoon. If you like working in motivated, agile, fast moving teams, it’s a lot of fun! Representatives from the non-profit or charity will be on hand. You can stay on-site for the whole weekend if you want, but you don’t have to. We do ask that volunteers commit to the entire weekend. Some people camp out, some people go home at night, and that’s ok.

Q: Who can help at AZGiveCamp?

A: We need IT professionals of all stripes and kinds – project managers, business analysts, developers, networking and server administration. Just as importantly we need organizational support including logistical support, support in identifying and recruiting sponsors and non-profits, media relations, the list goes on and on. If you want to help, we can probably find a way to use your skills, both before and during the weekend event.

Q: How can I support AZGiveCamp?

A: Start by looking over the web site. Follow us on Twitter @AZGiveCamp to stay up to date on the latest developments. Then sign up on our website and let us know what you are willing and able to do.  If you cannot volunteer your time, perhaps you can make a donation.

Q: What charities and non-profits does AZGiveCamp help?

A: We are specifically targeting smaller charities and non-profits that don’t necessarily have their own IT group. We are actively looking for charities and non-profits to help. If you are part of a non-profit or charity and would like to work with AZGiveCamp, please read through the FAQ and then get in touch!  The list of organizations we are supporting at each event is published prior to the event.

Q: How did you get started in GiveCamp?

A: AZGiveCamp was originally started when two US Airways employees, Barry Stahl and Gary Hoffman started talking about ways to give back to the community. There had recently been an event sponsored by US Airways to paint houses for a local charity, and although it was great that US Airways supported it with so many volunteers, it struck us that it might not be the best use of resources to have a bunch of IT people painting houses. (We made pretty sloppy painters!) Wasn’t there a way to use our professional skills to give back to the community? A quick bit of research put us in contact with the national GiveCamp group, and AZGiveCamp was born!

Q: I like Twitter.

A: So do we! Follow us @AZGiveCamp.

Q: I like FaceBook.

A: So do we! Like us on FaceBook