AZGiveCamp VII Charities is an organization dedicated to matching volunteers with projects in need.  This organization has many needs, and you’ll get to select which you’d like to complete.  They need a UI refresh to their website, they need a mobile app that will allow volunteers to subscribe to alerts for volunteer activities in their location and chosen field, and they have many more needs as well.  Come talk to Clare.

Rescuing Animals in Need ( is a charity dedicated to finding homes for abandoned dogs and cats.  They currently save 1/5 of the dogs and cats in Maricopa County that otherwise would be euthanized.  Their new shelter will allow them to do so much more.  They need an intake system website usable by ipads to track arriving and departing animals’ characteristics and qualities, allowing the center to better match animals and future caretakers.  Come meet Wayne.

Kids at Hope helps us realize that every child is a treasure, and we as treasure hunters need to invest in discovering the treasure in each child.  They’re looking to build a national system that matches the adult treasure hunters with the chosen special children to ensure every child’s treasure is nurtured.  Come meet Allen.

Living Earth is a charity focused on the Chlue system, a curated search engine for environmental resources.  The current site at was a good experiment, but it isn’t meeting their needs.  They need a new website that can efficiently search the curated datastore, together with a back-end that allows charity volunteers to efficiently enter new content.  Come talk to Lorena. is an online resource that allows veterans and their families to discover doctors in their area.  The current ASP.NET prototype gives us great start in fulfilling their needs.  Come talk to Joel.

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