We’ve had great food sponsors keeping up our energy this weekend. Tek SystemsMicrosoft, Bosa Donuts, Sprouts, and Trader Joes have provided food and snacks. For lunch today we are privileged to have a meal made by Eddie Matny.

No wonder a lot of our ‘overheard at AzGiveCamp’ out of context comments are centered around food.

Is there any Leftover Bacon?    Yes?     How is there such a thing as leftover bacon?

Don’t be afraid to grab bacon.

We killed the pig special.

I don’t really get up for bacon- it comes to me.

Isn’t that what a sous chef is for?

Thank you sponsors. Om Nom.


It’s gotten to be 1:15 am and we few, we happy few, are sitting more reclined in chairs. While we continue to make progress conversations and jokes swirl the room. It’s time to start a list of the phrases overheard, and out of context, at AzGiveCamp IV…

Steve: It’s not as big a can of worms as the shopping cart

Berry: I didn’t fall in

Wes: I turned off the cheese

“I turned off the cheese” then morphed into a possible card game…look for it in future memes.

Laughing and a good times have been enjoyed all while making a difference in the world. What did you do with your weekend?


a new beginning

Az Give Camp IV begins with excitement as coders meet their fellows and the representatives from the non-profit organizations they are here to help. TEK systems recruiters greet everyone with a feast and a hearty thank you for the good work that will going on this weekend.