Food & Drinks at AZGiveCamp

At AZGiveCamp, we want you, our technical volunteers, to be able to focus on the work of building the projects for our Non-Profit Organizations. We therefore do our best to take care of as many of your basic needs as possible. This includes food and drinks.

Drinks and snacks, especially caffeinated drinks, are available 24-hours a day at AZGiveCamp. Throughout the weekend there will be a variety of snacks and drinks, some healthy, some not, for your snacking pleasure.

There will also be 6 meals provided during the weekend. These include dinner Friday evening, all 3 meals on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Meals may vary, depending on whether or not the meal was donated, from catered gourmet dinners, to pizza, to bar-b-que hamburgers, hot dogs and veggie burgers, to Hal’s world famous pancake breakfasts. We always try to make a veggie option available, and will do our best to accommodate any special dietary requirements that you let us know about.

While we want these meals to be as awesome as possible, we do try to be as frugal as we can with our limited budget, so we won’t be offended if you prefer to bring your own although it usually isn’t necessary.