Thank you Pluralsight for sponsoring AZGiveCamp VI

Now that we’ve all had a few weeks to recover from the marathon that was AZGiveCamp VI, I want to take the opportunity to thank Pluralsight for sponsoring that event. Their sponsorship came in just a bit late to be recognized during the event, but their longstanding support of the development community and AZGiveCamp, is one I want to make sure is known and recognized. Pluralsight provides training for software developers through their library of over 3000 video courses.

Personally, I have been a Pluralsight fan for many years. I use videos from Pluralsight’s library at least weekly to keep up with the latest technologies and to drill-into those topics that I need to learn quickly. In just the last few weeks, I have gone through courses on AutoFixture, RayGun, ASP.NET 5, Wireshark, Entity Framework 6, and SignalR. Some of my favorite authors have their best content on Pluralsight, including Jeremy Clark, Julie Lerman, and the Valley’s own Dan Wahlin.

If you are interested in Pluralsight’s offerings, please tweet us @AZGiveCamp and I’ll be happy to discuss it with you. I am sure that I can arrange for a free trial of their video library. It would be great if you could take any opportunity you can to thank them, and their authors for their terrific work and their awesome support of the development community.


Barry Stahl, AZGiveCamp Co-Founder